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Peacepipe Smoke shop of Santa Rosa and Cotati, Ca. proudly carries the latest in Electronic Cigarette technology

New Flavors of E-Juice!

Ego-T Double Kits now in Pink, Blue, Red, and Silver Colors!

We have a massive inventory of Electronic Cigarettes, E - Juice, Parts and Accessories.

We carry a full line of electronic cigarettes, including disposable ecig, factory filled carts, self filled carts.

Tons of flavors in every strength from 0mg-24mg

Batteries of all sizes, designs, and  colors, adjustable and removable battery e cigarettes.


A small sample of what we sell:


New Medicinal Use Pens!

Introducing The Micro Vaped and The VIP Medicinal Use Pens!

The Micro Vaped Vapor Pen


The VIP Vapor Pen


eGo T by JoyTech

For Medicinal or Tobacco Vapor!

NEW! This is a new dual coil atomizer that is easy to fill!

ego t dual coil atomizer

ego t electronic cigarette kit

eGo- T introduces the revolutionary design --- the Tank System. No more constant dripping. You can enjoy your vapor with this sealed tank unit. As the second generation of the ever popular eGo electronic cigarette, eGo- T is a step in the right direction towards the perfect e - cigarette.



For more information on the eGo- T www.joyetech.com/product/eGoT.php







Other brands we carry:

G Pen
variable voltage batteries
V max
Cig2o (Blue,Green-Smoke compatable)


We have a huge selection of parts for E - Pens

dual coil tanks
drip tips
e juice
electronic cigarettes
digital cigarettes


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